Monday, 13 October 2008

wasting time?

Yesterday i needed to dash down to the supermarket for a few 'essential' bits, it was a busy day for both me and the supermarket and I for one was feeling particularly stressed. When I reached the 10 items or less check out there was a massive queue and stress levels were high.
Standing in the queue, watching people I realised that this was probably the first time many of us had stopped all day. Suddenly queueing was a positive experience, a time to take a breath, get thoughts in order and relax.


Missy said...

The mad rush of rushing about has that effect on people. Hope you got everything you needed and found a bit of peace to boot.

(((hugs))) for the mad rusher :)

KB said...

That's an excellent way of looking at things x

Toadee said...

I'm getting better at finding peace, mainly because I'm changing the way I think

hugs to you bother x