Saturday, 15 November 2008

promises, promises

I've just had an e-mail offering me the chance to drop 2 dress sizes and I am determined to use the information there-in. I will shortly be contacting selected female friends to inquire as to the size of their dress so that I can arrange for it to be dropped.
It seems a bit mean that I can only drop 2 but maybe I'll get other chances.


J Morgetron said...

I just got an email about enlarging my penis!

Toadee said...

I will be brutally honest with you Jay (as only a friend can).

You publish a lot of photographs on your blog but there has always been something missing. Now this caring company has identified your problem, you do lack that errr, masculine bulge.

My advise is to go for it (alternatively could you discretely send me a link lol)