Thursday, 20 November 2008


I was telling my manager that, at some stage in the near future, I would be having a 24hour heart recording as part of the investigation into possible genetic factors in my son's heart condition. The idea is that you are wired up to a portable device and get on with your normal activities. My manager suggested that whilst wearing the device I might be better not driving the library van as that wold be a cause of stress.
Two points: The doctor wants me to undergo the stresses that I have normally so that he can see how the heart copes and I don't find driving stressful. The fact is that I feel more stressed when I'm a passenger, this is probably because passengers have no control and not, I hasten to add, because of my colleague's driving.

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Magdalen Islands said...

Lol! My knuckles go white, holding the arm rests, while I'm a passenger with my son. Poor kid is a good driver and never had an accident. Of course I tell him that is because everyone is watching for him.