Wednesday, 19 November 2008

support your local traders

This morning I visited my favourite coffee shop, coffee shop 55, you won't have heard of it because it is unique and it is local but I swear it serves the best coffee and cakes you'll find.
Now I am going to buy lunch, I will buy my lunch in the local sandwich shop and I will walk past Subway to do so.
I don't like big chains, they are faceless and they destroy variety, if I want a bacon and egg sandwich then I want it to contain real bacon and fresh egg, if I go to Subway I will get processed rubbish.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a MsDonalds and when I'm in the city I will happily buy my coffee in Cafe Nero (best there is) but I dislike seeing these chains with all their publicity machine moving into small communities and turning them into souless malls.

rant over.


Magdalen Islands said...

I too prefer the small local diners to the McDonald's and Burger Kings but I do like pizza patio's seafood pizza and Wendy's..., well everything, I guess.

Toadee said...

well yeah, generally I just like food hehe