Friday, 4 September 2009

Big brother wants me to relax

I suppose I always thought the government was a bit faceless but I'm now starting to think big brother is indeed watching me and that my benign big brother is concerned about me overdoing it in the work department.

I have spent the last year or so trying to do as much over time as possible in order to pay the bills and buy important stuff (like food and clothes) for the kids.
Unfortunately my hard work has pushed my earnings over the qualification bar for tax credits (a government payment to people on a low income) and, I now find that our household income is £12 A YEAR over the maximum income for two of the girls to get full Educational maintainance allowance (paid to young people 16 -19 who stay in education if the household income is low). The net result then of our hard work is:
Approx gain in income = £1200
Approx loss in income = £5400

The message from Big brother is clear

'don't work to hard, take it easy, we will look after you'

so thank you big brother!

oh, just one problem, we have to get through this year without the government help and make sure our income is low because the benefits ar ebased on the previous tax year

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