Thursday, 3 September 2009


those who know me will confirm that stalking is a thing close to my cold, amphibian heart.
I leapt at the chance to use this facebook application which tells me who my biggest stalkers are, I'm not sure it's entirely accurate because it works from interactions and excludes page views (you know when you sit for hours just staring at someone's profile picture) and it doesn't include private messages (100 a day just to say I think you're wonderful). It also enables me to see who is 'stalking' my friends but as it needs their permission to access their data I believe that even less.

Anyway,due to the above, I'm not sure it's really about stalking but I do think it gives some indication of who actually interacts with me and it also shows (and I intend no disrespect to Geri who has held the #1 spot on my list for a while) who has to much time on their hands to hang around on facebook


Jesse TheCat ! said...

Just came by to see whats happening this side, Toadee. Great post. I have never had any stalkers online,though there are some people who want to chat with me like everytime they see me on facebook.Its cool, but I often dont have much to say to a complete stranger who I only recently added as a friend, so the chat will be stilted, at best.I usually try and fob them off with an excuse.

Now,if I knew them a lot more,like I know you, would probably have something to chat about,lol.But I think I am not a very good facebook chatter :)

I have never heard of this app, though it sounds interesting.I think that it give a small suggestion as to any people who may be overly interested in ones facebook persona.However, as far as stalkers go, there may be people who copy ones pics to their pc and stare at them offline.Or they may pull up the facebook profile and keep it open in their browser for days.These actions cant be spotted by an app.But I will try it,it sounds like awesome fun ! Oh and as for the stalkers out there, I guess you will never know for certain,will you,Toadee, just who is watching you, ha ha ha??? ( wicked laugh) :)))

Toadee said...

It seems you know all my tricks Jesse lol.

I tend not to use the live chat because I am usually at work.

Anonymous said...

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