Saturday, 12 September 2009

give a little whistle

Just the other day, whilst enjoying some very un-British sun, I got wolf whistled!
The whistler then shouted that I had nice legs lol.
Now, OK. this was all a joke, probably a dare but it made me feel good.
No big deal to many of my friends because I'm sure they are frequently desired but (and this is how genuinely sad I am)I haven't been wolf whistled since 1996 (it was October on Headingley Lane in Leeds at about 16:30 for some reason I don't recall the day).
I felt good for two reasons.
1. in the pretend area of my brain someone noticed and liked what they saw
2. By parading around in my shorts I brought a little fun into someones day.

I thanked the young lady and proceeded with my day a happier person (see it takes very little to make me happy)


Missy said...

Hey for whatever reason enjoy it. I almost hug people when the card me for buying liquor.

Toadee said...

I am enjoying any positive social interaction especially those that make someone smile