Tuesday, 1 September 2009

lasting love

at the library we give out a free paper called the Mature Times aimed at our slightly older customers.
Here is a copy of an appeal from the latest edition from a Mrs Kathleen Adcock (nee Ainsworth)

"During the war I fell in love with a young man called Stanley Wild and he fell in love with me. He asked me to marry him and I said 'yes' with all my heart. But then his letters to me stopped. I discovered that my grandmother, with whom I lived, had kept them. She didn't want me to move to London away from her. It broke my heart.

I lost touch with him - and ever since I have carried a burden. I wanted to explain to him what happened. I am now in my early 80's and he would be several years older than me. But I do so want to tell him 'sorry' can any readers help me? [a picture is inserted in the article but i can't show it here].
I know he was in the royal engineers and lived just south of the river in London".

I felt that this story deserved a wide readership and who knows, someone might know something so please link to this so that lots of people see it and if you do know something e-mail admin@maturetimes.co.uk


Missy said...

Tim that is absolutely sweet. I hope someone can find him. Hopefully he hasn't departed yet.

Toadee said...

It made me want to find a few people (not lost fiancees)