Friday, 15 January 2010

arggggg, get it right!

So, i started the anti-depressant and, as expected, it kicked in and I'm starting to feel more positive. The same issues are there and I still need to address them but now when I ponder I am not falling into a bottomless pit of despair but am constructing futures and seeing some positives whilst acknowledging the negatives.
Well that's great!
would be except......
I have now realised that the anti-depressant I am on is not to be given to people with Long QT (the heart condition I have recently found I've always had) because it lengthens the QT gap, which is already too long. This means that I will have to go back to the doctor, tell her that she prescribed the wrong stuff, come off this one and start another so god knows where my head will be.

bear with me lol


Missy said...

got to get it right Tim or more bad than good can happen. Hang in there mate.

KB said...

Is it sorted now?

Toadee said...

thank you Missy.
Thanks for prompting me to update Karen :0)