Saturday, 2 January 2010

I'm not really here

I haven't blogged for a while (sorry to both my readers, if there are still that many) The reason is that life is getting complicated and I don't really feel I can blog about it all because, as it stands, this blog is a public forum and there are people out there or I don't particularly want to read my blogs.
I now have two choices
1. scrap this blog and just put writing etc on the other one
2. leave it alone and perhaps write the very occasional 'clean' post
3. make this blog private and invite those who I am comfortable with (and who can put up with my whinging)

so oh you legion of followers, tell me what to do

oh and a belated happy new year :0)



Missy said...

You've put so much into your blog, you can always make it private Tim. Sometimes we need an avenue to escape to without the fear of repercussions from friends and family, otherwise we blow up and leave an ugly mess of self all over the place. So make it private and only invite the trusted few.

Sending strength, laughter, and friendship your way.


Toadee said...

thank you for your feedback Missy, a few people have contacted me via other means with their thoughts and apart from manything else I seem to have more readers than I thought.
I'm still considering the options

Missy said...

well whatever you decide Tim, I've been a reader, but sadly I've been lacking since family turmoil has been an issue for me these past few months, but I will honestly say, you're never far from thought. I do value my few friendships too.