Friday, 19 March 2010

Don't you just hate genes

As you may know My son, Jack was diagnosed with Long Q-T syndrome a while ago and then I was found to have the same gene late last year. As a result of this my parents were tested as were Jacks siblings. Yesterday was results day. We now know that my dad has the gene (and passed it to me) and Rebecca and Sophie also have it. There is supposed to be a 50% chance of inheriting the gene so it appears that maths wasn't god's strong point. Thomas is now the onlt one of my children who hasn't received this special gift from me.

I continue to worry about the effect this condition will have on them all although for myself I just carry on much as I did. The children have all their lives ahead of them and they now have to re-examine their hopes and aspirations. Sophie actually said to the genetacist 'I am not going to change anything, I'm not taking beta-blockers and I'm not slowing down, I will enjoy my life however long it is'
I actually feel the same, I only have one more thing on my list of 'must do' and I'm not going to write it on a public blog (not that it's a great secret).
If you have a god, ask your god\godess to smile on us. If you don't have a deity then feel free to join anyone else who feels like it in smiling because a world full of smiles is bound to be fun.

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