Monday, 15 March 2010

sleepless with some prattle

bear with me.
yesterday i went along to watch my daughter, Soph, playing football.Her team only had 9 players so they were under strength and had no subs. Early in the second half Soph did one of her legendary sliding tackles which normally results in the opposing player giving her a wide berth for the rest of the match (if they are still able to walk). They lost the match 7-4 and after a brief stop for coke and chips Soph headed of to the gym and did 3 hours there.

Jump to yesterday evening. Soph complains that her knee is painful but we all think it will be ok (just a slight swelling). At 10 pm She is in a lot of pain so I Offer to take her to the hospital but she doesn't want to make a fuss so she goes to bed. She lies in bed groaning and whimpering and at almost Midnight agrees that she will go to hospital. So leaving my beloved FB, Helium etc I take her. We are equi-distant between two large hospitals so I take her to the quieter one because it Will be quicker. What I didn't consider was that, because it is quieter, it would have less staff so we arrive at 00:10, we are seen for triage at 01:00, by the doctor at 04:00, x-ray at 04:30 and given equipment and pain relief at 06:15.
She has damaged the soft tissue around her knee (she felt it twist when she did the tackle) and is now splinted and on crutches. She should refrain from football and other exercise for perhaps as much as 6 weeks (and considering that she is studying PE and football at college that isn't good. I suggested that it might be a good time to do lots of theory work and almost got a crutch wrapped around my head :)

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