Friday, 7 May 2010

Geek alert ;)

Tomorrow I will be attending the 2010 mobilemeet. Yep, it's the annual get together for mobile libraries where we get to look at each other's vans, discuss mobile stuff and generally enthuse about mobile libraries and their place in society. I've never been before but I'm taking Leeds Libraries' brand new van which will be one day old! I'm rather hoping that there will be a nice van from another area there and that we can get them together and have lots of little mobile libraries very soon.
There are even prizes for the best van's, fleets etc.
I might even take photographs


Missy said...

I wanna see some picci's so take some. Have fun. Sounds like it will be.

KB said...

Are you back yet? Have you been kidnapped by the mobilemeet cult?

Toadee said...

I have returned and will report later :)
They tried to hold me but i was just to slippy for them