Wednesday, 19 May 2010

secret England fans

Absolute hell is breaking out in various fora and communities over the declaration that the wearing of England football shirts will be banned in pubs during the world cup.
I'm not sure what the rationale is behind this because it really is a case of Leopard's and spots. If a person is a thug or hooligan then making them into 'undercover' supporters won't change a thing. Perhaps it's about going into a pub awash with England shirts being intimidating for those who either follow another team or don't follow football at all. Sorry but that's reality, this is England and it is to be hoped that the majority of football fans will be supporting the 'home' team (no matter how embarrassing the government find them).
This issue isn't really about England fans as the same anger would be found on telling a Kiwi that they couldn't wear their All Blacks shirt or telling a Yankees fan that they couldn't wear their teams shirt on the day of the big game.

I am wondering if this is a clever ruse by the BNP to gain support. If it is, it appears to be working.

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