Thursday, 11 February 2010

Can I really have friends who are NOT on my friends list on Facebook?

I use facebook as a background thing and have it on running in the background quite a lot. When I'm bored I tend to trawl the applications and have a play. At the moment I'm using a lot of the applications which ask you for opinions on people from your friend list stuff like Would you hug x; what do you think x is doing now; does x have bad breath etc etc. I came across an application the other day which was slightly different in that it asked stuff like who has made you smile the most; who has had the biggest impact on your life in the past year or who have you been closest too. In each instance I needed to enter the relevant name (in fact it was the same name for all three questions). The problem was that name isn't on my facebook friends list so I'm not allowed to choose it.
So sorry 'Friends exposed' I won't be using you.

Oh and on the subject of these applications if you would rather I didn't answer questions about you just let me know and I'll skip them. Of course then you'll never know if I would kiss you on the lips or cheek, skinny dip with you or make out with you ;0)

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