Tuesday, 6 November 2007


I want to offer my sincere apologies and much butt kissing to those who have won prizes from me over the last 5 weeks.
I didn't send them out originally because of the postal strike in the UK and then it went clean out of my head (if you were inside my head you'd want to get out too)

I have a list of prize winners and prizes will be sent out in chronological order.

I may be slow but I'm still moving!


Shari Mead said...

Tim never stress I had a package waiting to be sent for 2yrs. I finally sent it last week.

Hope you are remembering everything else though.

J Morgetron said...


Just kiddin'. It'll get here when it gets here. No worries my friend.


Toadee said...

I am now the proud owner of a prize waiting list which makes me think I have friends lol