Friday, 16 November 2007

further adventures of a toad and a bin

Here in the city of Leeds we are big on recycling and I spend much of my day delivering green recycling bins so that people can 'do the right thing' and save our planet.

Sometimes bins get damaged or worn out and I try to repair them but if they cannot be repaired I remove the broken one and leave a nice new one.

Old plastic bins are taken back to the depot and left in the corner.

Can you guess what happens to old and broken recycling bins?

answer later hehe and if anyone can give me a good answer they can be added to my prize list


Magdalen Islands said...

Don't tell, they get put in landfill sites or incinerated or some other non-recycled method of disposal.

Rebicmel said...

they get recycled perhaps or they become art work for artist or flowering pots maybe.. Have a great weekend sir toadee

J Morgetron said...

You put them in your broken recycle bin collection in your bedroom?


snowelf said...

You are constructing a secret Toadee hideout--sort of like an igloo in your backyard?


Toadee said...

Interesting answers, and what a great idea elfy one, I could seove the world homeless problem.

KB said...

Can you swing by my place with a bin please...some idiot stole ours

Toadee said...

what colour would you like?