Wednesday, 14 November 2007

how can I win her over?

If you have ever visited Tres Bizarre then you may have noticed that there are two lists of bloggers, the helium ones and THE ONES SHE LIKES!

I wonder if there is a way to be a helium member and still win Morgy's affection


Magdalen Islands said...

Dearest Toadie,
According to Alexa, round the writers block ranks #2,623,009.
Gimme a Dream is now n/a on Google
It is I who is asking you oh mighty one, "How did you do it?" lol

Rebicmel said...

Tim Morgy loves you mate

Toadee said...

but i am caged forever un the helium list

keith hillman said...

I've tried everthing to gain promotion. Flattery, flirtery, enven bribery. But like you I am still laguishing that boring lot from Heli-bum

J Morgetron said...

Oh Toadee ... You sure know how to make a girl feel guilty. I'll work on converting the list this week.

Actually I need to do some house cleaning. I think some of our fellow Heliumites have dropped out of the blogging scene anyway -- soooooo, I should purge and convert.

You know I like you silly.


Toadee said...

you may like me silly bit will you love me when I'm sane?

KB said...

I've wondered for some Tim if she actually likes any of us Helium folk. *giggles*

Toadee said...

Perhaps she has some standards after all