Sunday, 4 November 2007

Gifts for the after-life

What a wonderful idea! So many cultures have felt that it is important to leave items at or in the grave to assist their loved one in the next life.

Today we went to the chapel of rest to visit my brother in law, there was some conversation about what items could be placed in the coffin with him.
Most of the men present agreed that he would appreciate a porn magazine. My niece (his daughter) wants to give him a photograph of the two of them and a bottle of tomato ketchup (he put the stuff on everything!)


snowelf said...

When my daughter's father died, we put in tons of pictures, letters, dice from the rpg game we use to play, and a WCW world champion wrestling belt because he LOVED wrestling. It was really nice because so many people brought so many things that were meaningful between them and him.
Again, Toadee, I am so sorry for your loss.


searabbit said...

It is a nice thought... But I wonder if the porn magazines will be allowed in heaven??? Oh well... maybe... ;-)
For my part, if they could leave me some good books, I'll be happy for a little while, but they will have to come back and change them time to time...

Toadee said...

It is so important that people can in some way share what is important to them.

15 years ago another of my brother in laws died and we haven't received any complaints about the magazines he took with him.