Tuesday, 13 November 2007

a glamorous job

this week I am working for the local council again, this time delivering wheelie bins to households.
I have undergone intensive training today and now know how to assemble a wheelie bin.

My mentor was a lovely chap and what he doesn't know about wheelie bins isn't worth knowing. He also offered me a useful perspective. I have always wanted to travel widely and hoped my work as a driver would allow me to see more of the UK and possibly Europe, I told him this and he replied that this job was wonderful because it took him all over, yes, to the very boundaries of the metropolitan area!

Did you know that there are 4 types of lid available for the standard wheelie bin?


Magdalen Islands said...

What is a Wheelie bin?

Toadee said...

ah, now that is a very interesting question.

A wheelie bin is an interesting creature closely resembling a large refuge bin on wheels. The most common capacity is 240 litres although they are available in smaller and larger sizes to cater for different sized housholds. Local authoritis have their own colour codes for different types of waste. In Leeds it's Black for heneral waste, green for plastic and paper and brown for garden waste.

Rebicmel said...

I love this new name I learned Wheelie Bin.

Toadee said...

Think I'll use that name for the next child.

J Morgetron said...

Would I fit into a wheelie bin? If so, could you wheel me around some time?


Toadee said...

they will easily accomodate an average size teacher and I think they might be the next great mode of transport replacing cars, boats and strollers. Perfectly adaptable one bin will see you from birth, to courting and procreation (you haven't lived until you've experienced the intimacy of a wheelie bin in the moonlight)after allowing your children to wheel you around in one through your dotage the lid can be sealed and you can finally go to be recycled.