Sunday, 4 November 2007

Paper boy

recently my daughter started a paper round and, because I'm over-protective, crazy and a big softy, I have been helping her out.
She does the round on her bike so I jog along trying to keep up. This arrangement has several benefits, I get up at a reasonable time on weekends, I get fitter, I learn to appreciate my local area and discover parts I never knew existed and I get to spend time with my daughter.

The one disadvantage so far is that my jeans are getting a little loose around the waist and it's difficult to jog with your jeans heading for your ankles.


Anna said...

Loose jeans - that's not a bad thing. Maybe you could try a pair of sweat pants for the jogging along? And, of course, you'll end up needing new jeans.

Toadee said...

It becomes a problem when they get low enough to trip you up lol

I will dig out a belt for now.