Friday, 28 December 2007

almost legless (or the crush)

Have just worked two long shifts. Today I was delivering clothes in Wales in the pouring rain. It's so tiring when you have to wrestle with the elements for control of your vehicle.

Yesterday I was in Northumbria, an area I've always liked. I started the day in a very painful way by trapping my foot in the hydraulic tail lift of the lorry so I've been limping for two days. I'm extremely lucky because those things exert a lot of pressure and I could have lost my foot.

When I said I wanted to get legless for Christmas I didn't really mean it literally!


J Morgetron said...

Good thing you don't wear your wedding ring on your foot, or your foot would have gotten ripped off.

Trust me.


Anonymous said...

Pedantic point, but I guess you were in Northumberland. No such place as Northumbria these days

Toadee said...

Damn ring wouldn't fit on my foot!

Yep I know all about the changes in county and administrative distict names, I just don't like them so I still live in the West Riding.

J Morgetron said...

Hey! I don't like anonymous commenters. It makes people all brazen and blah!!

I just wanted you to know that I arrived here via Blogrush on MY SITE!

Hehehe hehehehe ehehhehehehehhehe!


J Morgetron said...

Happy New Year Toadee!

Rebicmel said...

Happy, happy 2008 to you Tim, email your physical mailing addy, I miss placed yours and I have a surprise to send you hehehehe. Have a good day

Toadee said...

I think it's important for the Pedants amonst us to have a place to perform.

Happy new year dear friends, blogrush eh? so I've achieved a measure of fame at last!

will e mail you very soon Missy