Wednesday, 5 December 2007

be naughty!

As the festive season looms large I would like to offer this space for all the people out there who have a secret crush (or a desire to secretly crush)

I am off loading mega amounts of mistletoe in this blog and you are invited to post a kiss ( a peck, a snog etc)for anyone you like. Anon replies are enabled ;)


Anonymous said...

can i leave a little kissy for a couple of lovely ladies on your Pals list Mr Toad

J Morgetron said...

I'm kissing everyone.

I've set up a kissing booth over yonder.

Toadee said...

so that's where all my customers went!

snowelf said...


I love mistletoe! :)


KB said...

*prepares to snog everyone in sight*

Toadee said...

I refuse to don a cloak of anonymity so i will quite ipenly snog someone who is wearing such a cloak hehe

in answer to my anon poster above: U'm sure a few kissies would be welcome ( the ladies of my pal list are a very kissable group)

*Jumps up and down and waves whist wearing very bright colours so that KB will see him*

J Morgetron said...


Pucker up butter cups.


Toadee said...

anyone here answer to the name butter cups?