Sunday, 9 December 2007

Picking up prostitutes

well not exactly!

Driving home from one of my jobs today I passed a working woman, this was unusual as it was only just dusk. It was pouring with rain and the poor thing looked cold and miserable, my heart went out to her.
For a brief moment I was tempted to stop just to let her sit in the car and get warm but I very much doubt that the policemen just around the corner would've believed that.


Rebicmel said...

yeah I thought it could be a cop in disguise lol, you stop out of compassion and end up in the hokey because of it lol...Smart thinking Tim a big Hi to you!!!

KB said...

Aww, you are sweet to always be thinking of others, only thing is, that's how you get yourself into so much trouble.

Toadee said...

Missy, I don'y think she was a cop because I don't think a cop could look that young.

Me, get into trouble? naaaaah! hehe

glad you're back KB

J Morgetron said...

You definitely got my attention with your title.

You made the right decision. Even that prostitute wouldn't have believed you!


Toadee said...

I'm very believable

Chica said...

The least you could have done was get her an umbrella! lol. I haven't ever seen a prostitute, so perhaps I am fortunate.

Iron Pugilist said...

Ah, a genuinely kind gesture foiled by society's paranoia. Was she hot though?

Toadee said...

If I am toatally honest IP from the glance I got as I drove past she was far to cute to be selling herself. I often wonder what the story behind some of these girls\women is.

She already had an umbrella Chica