Tuesday, 11 December 2007

a new direction

as some of you may know I ocassionally help a friend with running a 'fun' casino (no cash). This friend has now decided I need to further my career so she has got me practicing dealing blackjack and working on handling cards and chips in a professional manner.
I am booked to deal blackjack for 3 hours on new year's eve at a local 5 star hotel called Oulton Hall (I belive there are those amongst you who have experienced it's hospitality). So, no pressure there then lol


KB said...

Congrats, try keep the flirting to the ladies this time, hehe!

Ahh, beautiful Oulton Hall. I have fond memories of dinner, Grandad and the police helicopter. I should really blog that story, lol.

Are you still running near the Hall?

Rebicmel said...

Tim, that sounds so exciting. Hope this note finds you well boyo. Many warms wishes sent you way

Toadee said...

Oh yes, Missy,It will be very exciting and very nerve racking but hey, everyone will be drunk so who cares lol.
Hope you're good too Missy.

KB, the local tax payers are still paying off the search bill lol, it would be a good story to blog and now people will be dying to know what we are talking about.
I run there when I have time, it always gives me chance to 'let go' and dream my dreams.

If I only flirt with the ladies that will be only half the fun.

KB said...

Hehe, I'm sure you'll have some interesting stories from Casino night.