Sunday, 16 December 2007

gambling toads

did you really think that only lambs could gamble.

I have just got in from my second night in a row working in the fun casino. I have rarely had so much fun and been paid for it and I get to be at all the Christmas parties.

At the time of writing I have not actually got into any serious flirting with the guys but who knows as Christmas gets closer and the gamblers get drunker hehe.

My blackjack training is going well and I should have a moderately successful launch on new year's eve (if not before) a whole new world lies ahead.


Rebicmel said...

Toadee that is one of my favorite games to gamble on. I love blackjack!! Sounds like you are having tons of fun! Way to go and you know they say the gals all get prettier at closing time, I guess that could go for guys as well lolololololol

Toadee said...

believe me I've seen some very pretty boys.

How about popping over for a few hands, you can help me get up to speed