Monday, 3 December 2007

The Emperor's new clothes

bear with me lol....

The Scotish tourist board have jusr spent £125,000 developing a new slogan to promote their beautiful country, the result?


yep, 125,000

I can just imagine the discussion after the boss sreams that one up

oh, sir, magnificent

yes sir, so 'back to basics'

so deliberately understated

such depths hidden by a deceptively simple statement.

OK for only £100,000 I will let them use my new slogan



snowelf said...

ROFL!! OMG!! That is hilarious Toadee!!


Iron Pugilist said...

My goodness, that's so unreal! That much for a basic greeting?

KB said...

Wow, where do they do their research? lmao

Toadee said...

looks to me like they did the research in Scotland.

It was a melding of the greatest minds in Scotland