Monday, 25 June 2007

Another weekend over, phew!

Had a brilliant job yesterday, one of the agencies asked me if I could drive some waiting staff out to Fountains Abbey (a beautiful ruined abbey in North Yorkshire). The agency get a lot of bookings for weddings in these sort of places and they are difficult to get to. I am hoping that this will be a fairly regular gig.

For driving the three waitresses out there in the morning and collecting them in the evening (about 3 hours work) i got £40 plus mileage. The sad thing is that the waitresses will have got about £36 for 8 hours work.

Today I got up early and did a car boot sale, wish I hadn't bothered because i only just managed to cover my costs.

Today's lesson: offer junk, sell little


Magdalen Islands said...

Fountains Abbey sounds like a place I want to go.

Rebicmel said...

Sounds like a beautiful drive. Did ya have fun?

Toadee said...

It rally is a lovely place, sometimes it's esy to forget how much beauty there is around us if we just take time to look.
I am so naughty for not taking my camera.