Tuesday, 19 June 2007


There is a habit in our household, it is not a habit I like, it is not a habit I subscribe to.
Whenever paperwork or written materials are put down ANYWHERE they are gathered up and put in a plastic refuge sack to 'be sorted'. This effectively means that items can spend many months languishing. Last Sunday I decided to empty one of these refuge sacks and i found some poems I'd written, several unpaid credit card bills and various items of value to me. I carefully places all MY papers and writing neatly on MY computer desk so that I could copy poems and make a note of addresses etc. 12 hours later, having been out to do some shopping, I realise that my papers have gone. Where? yep, they were lying around so they got put in a refuge sack under the bed with lots of other stuff *sob*


Rebicmel said...

Well I guess you should have an in box on your computer area listed as Tim's papers do not move lol.

Good practice though

~Ambre~ said...

Look on the bright side Toadee, you still have your T-shirt!

Toadee said...

anything labelled Tim's is fair game, I am a toad under siege.

And guess what, I don't have the T-shirt, it was taken in a sneaky manner and given to a charity shop (apparently it wasn't a T-shirt I would ever wear)

Rebicmel said...

hmmm sneaky snakes hmmmmm

Magdalen Islands said...

You have one of those accept all sacks, too?