Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Mobile Library

today was my second day on the mobile library, it was a much bigger vehicle today but I soon got the hang and it's wonderful the way cars avoid you hehe.

My librarian wants me to work full time but the problem is that I applied for that job a couple of months ago and didn't get it.

Today we did a nursery and I was in my element, I love working with kids and the nursery teacher expressed surprise that one little girl spoke to me as she hasn't spoken to anyone except one teacher in the 4 months she has been there. I felt so pleased.

The good news is that I now have another week on the library bus and then 2 weeks on school book collection so plenty of work at the moment.

Today's lesson. Don't try to squeeze a big library into a little space oh and never try a 3 point turn on a residential street in a vehicle the length of a small coach.


Rebicmel said...

Tim I so enjoy your comments and thoughs and lessons.

Here's your night cap (Red Wine)

Toadee said...

wht thank you Missy.

*grabs the whole bottle of wine*

now let THAT be a lesson to you hehe

Rebicmel said...

lol well I did steal KB's wine that one day so I guess paybacks are in order. neener pltttttttttttttt

Toadee said...

are you sure it was only the once?