Monday, 18 June 2007

A working Toad

Today was the first day of my driving work for an agency.
I am assigned to the city Library service all week driving their mobile libraries (one at a time!)

Today it was the geriatric run rushing Mills and Boon to the ancient thrill seekers of Leeds (and believe me there are a lot of them , average age seems to be about 85)

Todays lesson: Don't try to corner faster than walking speed when you have shelves of unsecured books in the back.


jadey said...

Hey there Toadee where are you from?

Toadee said...

I will save you looking at my profile.

I am from Leeds, UK

Rebicmel said...


looking good mate, looking forward to seeing what you are gonna do.


Keith Hillman said...

You are providing a very valuable service Toad. I know several old folk in the village where I work that depend on the mobile library to provide them with their only human contact during the week!

Toadee said...

Missy , I will do many things but you may not get to see hehe.

Keith, I agree and it's great to see some of the people and have a chat but I fear that the says of mobile librarys (and indeed librarians) may be numbered

Rebicmel said...

Toadee, you know I can't stand that saying.. I wanna knowwwwww lol

snort giggle hmmm I wonder if they are like those pics on know the ones, where yeah those.

Toadee said...

very much so, only more