Thursday, 21 June 2007


It's great to come home and find that you have house guests especially when the house guest is my mother in law. She is staying over so that she can baby sit in the morning so I shouldn't complain.

We do have a minor problem though, she can't sleep in my daughter's bed because those beds are simply to weak to take her weight, my son's bed is to high and younger son's bed is to small (is this beginning to sound like a variant of Goldie Locks?). This leaves only my bed so guess who's sleeping on the floor tonight *sob*

today's lesson: buy stronger beds or slighter mother in law.


Rebicmel said...

Tim roflmao, you wanna borrow my couch hmmmmm lol it would be softer than the floor.

That's what makes them granma's you know the round and fluffy ones to hug and love ya.


Toadee said...

there's nothing fluffy about my mother in law lol

J Morgetron said...

Who's been sleeping in Toadee's bed?

Oh my!

She's still here!

Growl or something. It worked in the fairy tale. (They never saw her again.)