Friday, 22 June 2007

clean sheet (2)

because everyone was in the wrong beds last night and because Jack still has some skin problems there was lots of bedding to wash today and far to much rain to get anything dry.

I really fancied a glass of wine to finish the week but J had drunk it all with her friend Grrrrrrrr!

Took Mother in Law home and earned diplomat of the year award. She couldn't get the seat belt around her and complained that it was stuck (it wasn't it just wasn't long enough). I suggested that the seat might just be to far forward and managed to get the belt fastened.


Rebicmel said...

You are a good son in law... Kudos for you. Here's a bottle of Red for you but you have to share with me, I fancy a glass myself.


Toadee said...

yum, thank you missy , you are a life saver.

J Morgetron said...

Just so you know I completely copied your idea for the scrolling text at the top of your blog. Well ... I guess not completely because I have different text, but I did get the idea from you.

Thanks man.

PS: I've linked to you. Thanks for linking to me too. And, thanks for visiting the blogaroo.

Toadee said...