Saturday, 30 June 2007

can i winge for a moment?

Today was a day for getting those silly little jobs done around the house.

Fix the faulty tap: it wasn't JUST the washer, the spindle had got bent somehow so it took a bit longer.
Replace broken door handle: they don't sell the exact one we had so had to get a set and that means re-drilling the door.
Replace light switch cord: replacing the broken section wasn't enough so I had to dismantle the switch mechanism rather than but the whole lot new.
Replace broken toilet seat (see earlier entries regarding mother in law): I bought the wrong type (apparently)

So it's a constant barrage of 'you're taking to long', 'my brother could have done it quicker', 'I didn't want a botched job' etc.

Now, why was it I had low self esteem?


lesson: your value is you, not just what you do. (poetic eh?)


KB said...

Can I slap her for ya babe, please!!!!!

Hiya Toadee, I've missed ya mate. Leaving London today, back in a few days.

P.S I know my boys lost the game yesterday but Mighty Blacks followed by question mark....shame on you..hehe


Keith Hillman said...

They simply don't understand! We try our best, but it's never good enough! Buy her a toolkit for her next birthday!

Toadee said...

you could at least have called up to administer a quick slap before you flew out lol.

How observant Karen but you do know they onlt lost because they realised you had abandoned them.

Keith, I would be seriously worried about letting her play with anything sharp hehe.

Rebicmel said...

Tim, we know you are worth your weight in gold. You are our hero. Hugs to you mate.