Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Let me introduce you to my little red bus. The mobile library I am working on at the moment. It is due for retirement very soon which is probably why they give it to me to drive lol.

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here is the inside

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now isn't that fascinating?

I was operating in my own area today so I knew all the shortcuts hence..........

today's lesson: get back to base first so you have plenty of space to manoeuvre into the best parking space.


Rebicmel said...

This is truly a wonderful thing Tim how awesome is this!!

Great pics.

Magdalen Islands said...

What a fantastic job! I want one of those!

Toadee said...

At the moment I'm wishing it was a permanent job

Rebicmel said...

who knows maybe it will turn out to me eh. Sounds like a wonderful job.

KB said...

How can you work with all those books in the back?


Toadee said...

easy, I drive for 15 minutes, park for 45, drive for 15 etc.

loads of reading time!