Wednesday, 27 June 2007

the job centre

Called into one of my agencies, looks like they are going to have lots of work for me, yippee!!!

I called into the job centre today to sign off as I worked more than 16 hours last week.

Asked about the job start grant and was told that this is a discretionary grant to help people get back into work. I am told that I don't qualify as I have found work already, I thought it was to help with expenses of going back into employment.
I made the same enquiry a couple of weeks ago (before I worked) and was told I would only be eligible if I found a job!

so let me get this straight. I find a job, but don't do it until I have applied for this grant. I made the mistake of going out on a limb and spending money to get the stuff I needed to do the job rather than telling them i couldn't afford it.

Ah well done is done

Today's lesson: If you act like you can cope people expect you to.


J Morgetron said...

Oh no! I've been there. As a teacher, I'm often spending my own money for supplies that I need, using money I don't have. Argh! My husband hates that.

What will you do as a result of your lesson? Start acting like a stark raving lunatic? Then people will expect you to be a stark raving lunatic. That might make things easier.

Sorry to hear about your Catch 22 Toadee. I'd hire you!

Rebicmel said...

Awe Tim, March right back in there and dump all your bills, your children, your wife and say now sort it all out and then back with me. lol.......I know things will get better. Chin up I am pulling for ya.

Toadee said...

Morgetron you are far to close to the truth lol.

I spent long enough being the lunatic and not having to be responsible and it did work but I needed to move on.

All in all I'm glad to be on my own two feet and know that I did it without their help.

I have tried like mad to give away my family and associated bills but to no avail.

Magdalen Islands said...

Been there, done that..., failure results! So now I'm working to do it on my own as much as possible.