Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I really should have this job

start of second week on the mobile library, I am enjoying this so much (even if I did get the oldest, leakiest bus today!).
Monday is generally the day for rushing hot romance to the elderly and we managed to brave the floods to do so. At one point today a lady of 80+ got on the bus and explained that her neighbour wouldn't be coming as she had three men at her house doing something. The librarian said that it sounded serious and without thinking I added 'or fun'. There was a moment of absolute silence during which I cursed my enormous mouth and then the entire bus erupted into laughter and I was given the seal of approval as a toy boy to the elderly!

today's lesson: Never be afaid to be yourself, people might even like you.


Rebicmel said...

Hey people may get old doesn't mean there isn't a fire in the furnace still.......Watch out Tim those women love to pinch backsides. hehehe

Darlin_Jo said...

Toadee is a boy toy!! That is a great story....isn't it a great feeling when you are sure you just shot yourself in the foot and then you realize the gun wasn't loaded?


~Ambre~ said...

Hot romance to the elderly Toadee?
Aren't they afraid of law suites and all? Could cause one of them there elderlies to keel over.

Toadee said...

Comments are noted!

I will buy reinforced underpants (charge then to the libratu service)
more a case of the gun holding uppers tather than tranquillisers

Our motto is that is you're gonna die, do it with a smile io your face.

J Morgetron said...

I very much love the idea of a mobile library. I love old people too. Combining a mobile library with old people sounds like a nearly ideal job. If we could somehow add in a disco ball and a bottle of Champagne, I'd truly be in heaven and will relocate to wherever it is that you are, specifically to get myself hired.

Toadee said...

omg, are you a mind reader, just today I was suggesting a disco ball might bring in a younger client group and seving drinks could be a winner (but oh, the torture of having to be the driver)