Monday, 23 July 2007

Blooming weekends!

I have had a rather traumatic weekend.

Marital relations are not good and much of the weekend has been a case of me not being talked to. There was a time when I relished this silence but I do need some human interaction and I felt quite lonely. Last night my eldest daughter broke up with her b\f because he found out that she had kissed someone. She was drunk and the lad 'persuaded' her to go off with him. This is very scary and she has been told in no uncertain terms that she does not drink outside the home and at home only with expressed permission.

Today has been a day of tears and my only respite was a couple of minutes on line when I touched base with my best friend, I was amazed that so brief a contact could restore me so much.


~Ambre~ said...

That's all you need from a trusted friend Toadee. You are quite fortunate to have one.

Toadee said...

She is very special!

Rebicmel said...

Tim I know your friend is very special and I am glad you had the company to help your heart find a smile. If I could bottle up some happiness and wellness for you I would and ship it right off to you.
Keep your chin up and know others are thinking of you.

jadey said...

Well Toadee I am so sorry to hear that things aren't good there. Also sorry to hear about your daughters break up but she is young and there will be lots of those. It is important that you have that one constant friend that can shine the light and help you regain your composure I am happy however brief the time you shared was quality time. Take care.

Toadee said...

I want to make it clear that i consider you folks as friends, I'm just slow to open my heart at the moment

Stop press: daughter's romance is back on lol