Sunday, 8 July 2007

A new direction for my daughter

this morning my younger daughter, Sophie played in her first ever hockey match. Those who have born my rantings in other places will recall that Sophie is a keen football player so hockey is something different.
I was so proud of her, the ream lost but it was their first ever match so it wasn't a big surprise. I talked to the coach and commented that I thought Sophie's ball control was good. He said that this had been noted and that he very much wanted her to join his club as he feels she has a natural talent and could well be county or even national material, all this from one match hehe.

Sophie and I have discussed her sporting commitments and she can manage football and hockey.

a lesson: just go for it!!


Magdalen Islands said...

Is it a field hockey match? Usually it is played on ice with a puck, and not this time of the year, obviously.

Good for Sophia! Show them how it is done!

Toadee said...

Yep, field hockey. Ice hocky is not as common place in the Uk as it is in some places.

jadey said...

sports are great good for your daughter I hope she is having fun doing the sports cause that is the most important part to any activity is having fun while doing it.

Toadee said...

she loves her sport and i love seeing her enjoying it