Wednesday, 11 July 2007

stepping back into the past

For the first time in about 18 months I decided to go to my local bookcrossing meet up (if you want to know more about bookcrossing there is a link over there ------------>

I got there really late because my wife had other plans (which didn't put me in the best of moods) so I only had about 30 minutes there. It was lovely to see a few of the old faces and a couple of new ones but i didn't get much chance to talk to people.

As an aside, when I picked out some books to take I went to my 'read it now get rid of it' box. This box contained books that I haven't looked at for a good while and I rarely remember the provenance of a particular book unless it holds special significance. One of the books I took turned out to have come from a person who I want very much to keep well in the past, it was a bit creepy seeing the name come up but in a way I felt good that I was 'discarding' a remaining part of that person.


Darlin_Jo said...

toadee I completely understand. I have a very bad habit of holding onto things when a realtioship ends and then I find them months or years down the road and it feels very good to get rid of them.


Toadee said...

it's good to have a good clear out now and again lol

KB said...

Yeah, go Bookcrossing

Rebicmel said...

sounds interesting. I have been introduced to bookcrossing I keep forgetting to log in that book. Grrr I will though.

Toadee said...

Funny to think how involved I was in bookcrossing, I still go there and use the site to register and track books but I seem to remember I ised to chat there a bit too *snigger* and it was there I met someone very special