Sunday, 8 July 2007

A toad alone

today we were invited to sister in law's partner's house for a bbq. I had planned to spend the day doing jobs around the house but wife had accepted on behalf of us all even though none of us really wanted to go.
I have felt very anti-social today and the last thing I wanted was to be in company because then I appear rude when really I'm just feeling that I want to feel safe.
Anyway we went and I said enough to be polite although inside I was feeling very uneasy. I know that my mood is getting a bit shaky but I'll cope with that.

Talking of appearing rude. A salesman came to the door today, wanted to save me a fortune on the price of my household fuel. I told him not to waste his time as I wasn't interested, he carried on talking, I told him that I really wasn't interested, he carried on. Finally I said that I had told him twice that I wasn't interested but he seemed to be having difficulty understanding what i meant by that and that to make it clearer I was actually indicating that our conversation was over and invited him to depart my property politely.
My wife then appeared from behind the door and told me off for being rude but i thought I was being assertive. I guess I'll get it right one day lol


selfconfessedfailure said...

I always tell salesmen that come to the door that in life I prefer the finer things.
I don't buy cheap shoes, I buy expensive ones. The same applies to gas/electric/windows whatever. I like my nice expensive gas very much thanks, I don't want cheap gas. How do I know it'll last and won't fall apart or break down.
I usually find that this approach confuses them and they go away quite quickly. It's probably because they think that I'm an escaped lunatic, but it does the job and I don't have to be aggressive to get them to leave me alone.... :-)

Toadee said...

That is an unusual approach but one I'm very tempted to try lol

J Morgetron said...

I'm wondering why we accept family invitations some times too. Some times I don't enjoy myself at all and I know I won't before I even get there. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy almost. Family members have a way of rubbing me the wrong way -- and I'm pretty sure it's mutual many times.

AND -- We used to have TONS of sales people come to our door. Some of our neighbors have "No Soliciting" signs up on their doors, but to mix things up a little, I recently posted this sign: "Soliciting by appointment onlly. Call for an appointment." Funny thing is, we have an unlisted number. Hee-hee. The strangest things make me happy.

Magdalen Islands said...

Door-to-door doers drive me to distraction. Fortunately on an island with only 12 thousand people, we don't have many.

jadey said...

I don't think that you were rude at all I think you were standing your ground good for you.