Monday, 16 July 2007

culture (in Yorkshire?)

yesterday evening the entire family joined thousands of people in the grounds of a local stately home for the annual Opera in the park concert. It was a lovely evening and the weather and music were excellent. it is something of a tradition that people bring the trappings of fine living so there are lots of groups sat around tables in evening dress dining on exquisite foods and sipping the finest champagne, as the sun goes down thousands of lamps and candelabrum twinkle and thousands of voices join with the better know pieces. Unfortunately, my family do not enjoy the sense of occasion so we ate crisps and drank wine and beer on a rug in our jeans.

Today we should have been back there for the Party in the Park concert which features music of a more modern style, the rain was coming down in buckets so we didn't bother.

These events are one of the better things about Leeds as both events are free.


Rebicmel said...

Hi my UK friend, guess what you have been tagged wahooooooooooooo,you can see my blog for the rules.

Darlin_Jo said...

TAG!!! Your turn to tell us 8 little facts about you. I can't wait.