Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Silly me!

While I was doing the rounds of the schools today I became deeply enamoured of the smells emanating from the school kitchens. How strange I thought, school dinners never used to have me drooling like pavlov's pet pooch. As I trundled along wending my weary way I pondered the reason for my sudden collapse of culinary standards. Finally it hit me, I wasn't loosing my taste for the finer things, I was hungry! Silly, silly Toadee Tim, I had a lovely roast chicken dinner on Monday evening but I had clean forgotten to eat since.

lesson: don't just wake up and smell the coffee, smell the whole meal (oh, and then eat it)


Rebicmel said...

Very good thought Tim, something about needing sustenance hits you when you think the smell of liver and onions is good ewwwwww.

Magdalen Islands said...

You and I are two of a kind and we'd save a bundle on food. I'm always forgetting to eat but I never forget my coffee.

Toadee said...

I distictly remember the aroma of that most British of dishes, fish fingers.

As for coffee, I came close to attacking all those teachers sat around with their coffee while I stood waiting for them to get my stuff together.

Perhaps I should tell them I'll only wait for their stuff to be assembled if they offer me coffee (or tea, I'm not fussy)