Saturday, 27 October 2007

breast implants

Today was a day of exploring many varied topics as my co worker and I trawled the streets for fly tipping.

Quite how we got onto the topic of breast augmentation I can't recall but I found myself in the unlikely position of 'resident expert'

How do they make them bigger he asked , I explained about silicone and bags of other semi viscous liquids.

Why do they make them bigger? I explained the perception that bigger is better (we explored this concept and agreed that a pensioner who can still poke your eye out is a strange and frankly unnerving sight)

how can they feed a baby?
explained about the mechanics of surgery which leaves all relevant ducts attached and working.


Magdalen Islands said...

I didn't know that. Come to think of it, I never even seriously considered the topic.

Rebicmel said...

Tim you and your coworkers have the most open conversation on the most humorous topics. :o)

Toadee said...

I have to admit i was surprised at the extent of my knowledge and the fact that I was discussing this with a refuse collector