Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The New zealand Flag

I hear that there is a suggestion that New Zealand should remove the union flag from the top corner of the NZ flag.

Let me say here and now that this would set a dangerous precedent, before you know it the Aussies will follow suit (those that haven't already) and if we aren't careful those Yanks will start getting the idea that they can be independent.

I feel that there is a certain amount of ingratitude within this suggestion. We Brits when to a lot of trouble to teach the Kiwis how to play rugby, to help the Aussies develop some skill at cricket and teach the Americans how to speak (and spell) in english (OK the latter didn't work out to well).

Wow, it's hard to rant with your tongue in your cheek hehe


Rebicmel said...

roflmao. hmm was there a bit of desperation in that comment Tim, nah I am just pulling your leg mate.

Toadee said...

there was a lot of desperation!