Thursday, 25 October 2007

I don't believe it

the ladies of the house decided they wanted to go to Ikea this evening so I emptied the lawnmower petrol into the car (yes it's that tight at the moment) and off we trundled.

The car began to overheat on the way but It cooled down and we reached our destination. On the way back we had got to within a mile of home when the engine started making very nasty noises which quickly got worse, it sounds to me like it's thrown a rod. I stopped the car and while my partner sat in and steered daughter, niece and I pushed (and jumped on the back when we hit a down hill). I am counting my blessings that the car cost us nothing and we haven't spent much on it.

So two vehicles in two days.

Do you hate anyone enough to hire them the chauffeur of death hehe


J Morgetron said...

Hate is a four letter word!

Toadee said...

It took an English teacher to spot that ;)

KB said...

Yikes, I'll make a note to keep you away from my car.

Toadee said...

awwwww, please, just a little drive