Monday, 8 October 2007



Give no sign
not word
or smile
our balance is precarious

don't go ahead
stay behind
masks of indifference

never reveal
forever concealed
dream on

feign coolness
but know
the heart beats still within


snowelf said...

I love this.

This part is my favorite:

never reveal
forever concealed
dream on

Because that's the way I roll.


Toadee said...

I must admit, this is one I'm proud of. Thank you for your support Snow, it gives me reason to keep going in my search for poetic competence

jillie said...

Well, I didn't know which post to leave a hello so I am choosing this one. You know, if you lived in San Diego, you would be more than welcome to join our pig roast. It's a great time no doubt!

Thanks for stopping by ;o)

Toadee said...

and hello to you too, I better move pretty quickly lol

Rebicmel said...

Tim this is awesome hun. I love it and it holds far more than mere words I believe :o)

Toadee said...

thanks Missy, I am all to transarent hehe

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