Wednesday, 24 October 2007

my break down

Heading home from a long day around Sheffield where I was attempting to deliver water to non existant addresses.
As I left the city amidst the rush hour traffic I began to lose power and at the appropriate time (a narrow stretch, dense woodland, no civilisation etc) I ground to a halt.
After much messing with mobiles with no credit and people with no clue I am safely home 20 minutes ago)

Boo to the South Yorkshire police for the Shift your bl**dy vehicle attitude (no I didn't stop to admire the view or be a nuisance)

Cheers for T mobile for GIVING me £5 credit on my phone as a goodwill gesture.


KB said...

Hey did you get my text? I was worried about you x

Toadee said...

I did, sorry I'm not around as much lately, I'm good x