Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Eat your words!

I decided to spend my mandatory break having a snooze today so when the time came I parked up in a side street and slipped into dreamland.

10 minutes later i was awoken by repeated sounding of a horn and i opened my eyes to see an angry man pulled up along side me. I opened my window and asked if i could help.

'Are you alright' he enquired
'yes, fine' I replied
'I'm your operations manager'
'Oh, hello'

He went quite puce and them shouted at me

' I don't like finding my drivers parked up for a secret sleep'

'I'm sure you don't' I replied 'but I'm just on my break and you will find it all logged on my tachograph'

'Oh' he said 'OK'

and sped off


Rebicmel said...

ack served him right for being a jerk and why the heck was he on that side street, was he following you????

Toadee said...

I am paranoid enough without you handing me such thoughts on a plate lol but yes, he was\is a jerk.
(he didn't find where I was sleeping today hehe)