Wednesday, 10 October 2007

They are not amused

These last few days I've been working for a courier firm delivering parcels. The drivers manifest often has special instructions for delivery and in some cases it will say 'leave safe' if an item can be left, out of plain sight, without a signature.
I came across a parcel today (a very nice laptop) beside which was the instruction 'do not leave safe' I couldn't resist telling them that I'd left it propped up on the gate post. They were not amused.

I also deviated from the usual route because one of my deliveries was some flowers for a lady in an office and if I had delivered in order I would have got there to late.


Rebicmel said...

You rebel you Tim, testing the boundaries are we. LOL have a great evening boyo

Sophia said...

They may not have been amused, but I am! hehehhe

Toadee said...

I happen to like elastic boundaries